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Director’s Circle

Through strategic invitation, Grand Central Art Center (GCAC) has formed an advisory support group: the Director’s Circle.

The goal of the Director’s Circle is to bring supportive, engaged, and outside-the-box Orange County thinkers together. The group fosters a stronger contemporary arts and cultural voice in our region through shared experience and inspiration. The emphasis is on working toward greater support, connection, and awareness of GCAC’s outreach programs, residencies, and exhibitions.

Through varying activities, the Director’s Circle has access to deepen their knowledge of and engagement with GCAC artists, colleagues, and events. The group provides unique growth opportunities and experiences while building more personal connections within, and understanding of, the contemporary art world.

The Director’s Circle are ambassadors connecting Grand Central Art Center with the communities through creative actions. Through combined efforts, GCAC leads forward-thinking conversations, provides resources and generates a more inclusive forum for ideas — creating a leadership capacity for developing innovative approaches and successful outcomes.

The Director’s Circle supportive role provides excellent opportunities for creative flow and exchange of ideas – helping GCAC achieve continued success.

Director’s Circle Members