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Aaron Jones

image of Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones is a contemporary figurative artist based out of Orange County. The work of Aaron Jones focuses on the juxtaposition of the human figure intertwined in complex linear architecture environments.

Aaron was born and raised in Riverside California. After graduating High School, Aaron worked as a finish and Top Out plumber all over southern California. After several years in the work force, Aaron returned to school to pursue his primary passion, art.

In 2002, Aaron enrolled at Riverside Community College with a focus on fine art and illustration. After several years at Riverside Community College Aaron transferred to Cal State Fullerton. In 2010 Aaron received his BFA in studio art. Immediately after graduating Aaron returned to Cal State Fullerton to pursue his M.F.A in Drawing and Painting. In 2013 Aaron relocated to Santa Ana to engage with the art community at Grand Central Art Center. During his time at Grand Central, Aaron completed his M.F.A in Drawing and Painting and served as Resident Assistant.

After graduating Aaron worked as a substitute teacher for the Santa Ana Unified School District. During his time as a substitute teacher, he worked with K-12 students at various schools within the district. A short time after becoming a substitute teacher, Aaron began teaching at the college level. Aaron currently teaches Drawing and figure Drawing at Santa Ana Community college and Drawing and Art Appreciation at Riverside Community College.