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Past Exhibitions

a tube player stands at the edge of a plaza that is lined with flagpoles with two large buildings in the background.

Susy Bielak and Fred Schmalz: Welcome

October 7, 2023 – January 14, 2024 Performances Saturday, October 7, 7:30PM, 8:00PM, 8:30PM Students and Music Director Ammy Beltran of Valley High School  Welcome centers the limits of welcome, including the social structures that determine who is welcome and under what circumstances it may be rescinded, curtailed, or abandoned. Welcome responds to contemporary and historical acts of […]

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a finger with gold dust pressed against lips of a mouth.

Carolina Caycedo: Fuel to Fire

October 7, 2023 – January 14, 2024 Fuel to Fire is a single channel video that brings the viewer into a pagamento or payback of gold to a body of water. This ritual was performed for the wellbeing and conservation of the Paramo de Santurbán, a moorland ecosystem within the high mountains of Northwest Colombia, which […]

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colorful ice coolers hang across a rope toward the top of the image, with four paintings in the backdrop and a large colorful street barrier in the foreground that presentbthe art installation of artist LORENA OCHOA.

Lorena Ochoa: Se Busca

August 5 through November 12, 2023 Gallery Talk: Saturday, September 2 from 7:30PM SE BUSCA focuses on the intersection of memory and transport. Memory as in generational trauma, indigeneity, Purépecha ancestry, and how these memories from blood and dirt are transported through migration. It views migration, such as the migration of the artists mother from Michoacan to Santa Ana, […]

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water color painting in pastel colors depicting a family posing in front of the Disneyland castle with crowds behind

Adriana Martinez: Dreamer

Adriana Martinez: Dreamer April 1 – July 9, 2023 Opening Reception: Saturday, April 1 from 7-10pm Dreamer is a play on the artists immigration status, the American Dream, and the dreamer in all of us. Adriana Martinez tells of her immigration journey through a recreation of family photos. The works are painted in a manner that invites viewers […]

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Marie-Luce Nadal: Nothing But Light

Marie-Luce Nadal: Nothing But Lightin partnership with Fulcrum ArtsJune 3 – August 13, 2023Opening Reception: Saturday, June 3 from 7-10pm Nothing But Light Marie-Luce Nadal’s art confronts the intertwining scales of life. Building upon the legacy of her ancestors, she embarks on a relentless paradoxal pursuit to tame or to be part of the sky itself. […]

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individual in white beekeeping suit engaged with green and yellow beehive boxes.

Alicia Rojas: With Honey in the Mouth – Con Miel en la Boca

Alicia Rojas: With Honey in the Mouth – Con Miel en la Boca May 6 – September 10, 2023 Opening Reception: Saturday, May 6 from 7-10pm With Honey in the Mouth – Con Miel en la Boca examines the synchronicities between honeybees and human-forced migration journeys. Honeybees are required to sustain our global ecosystem. The synchronicities […]

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Kade Twist: To Keep a Fire

Kade Twist pokes a stick at the unresolved tensions between market-driven systems, consumerism, and American Indian cultural self-determination.

The exhibition is a fragmented ceremonial ground, of sorts, comprised of sculpture, video, sound, and smell that present unexpected histories, desires, experiences, sequences, and artifacts of contemporary colonization and neoliberal violence.

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Lexa Walsh: Sisters InfoShop

Lexa Walsh: Sisters InfoShop in collaboration with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, February 4 through May 14, 2023 Opening Reception with Sisters Engaged Activities Saturday, February 4 from 7-10pm Sisters InfoShop, an exhibition and socially engaged residency project by Lexa Walsh, is a platform for the legacy of progressive women religious in California and beyond. With a […]

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woman with dark hair at lower left stands in front of desert landscape that includes two white round living home-like pods

Christopher Wormald: YOU + A.I. = A.I.M.

CHRISTOPHER WORMALD YOU + A.I. = A.I.M. November 5, 2022 through May 14, 2023 Opening Reception: Saturday, November 5 from 7-10PM YOU + A.I. = A.I.M. delves into humanity’s relationship to technology and its revolutionary, mundane, or destructive impact on the world.  This project is an ever-expanding series depicting past, present, and future imagined scenarios through the […]

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