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Jonathan Webb

image of Jon Webb

Jonathan Webb, the President of Affordable Housing Access, has over 30 years’ experience in the development of residential real estate. He began his career with American Development Corporation (Los Angeles). During his tenure, the firm developed over 30 projects totaling more than 6,000 units of low and moderate-income apartments. Later, as a Development Manager with Forest City Enterprises, he produced low and moderate income senior housing financed or insured by HUD, as well as conventionally financed apartments. In addition, he has extensive experience in the development, acquisition, and rehab of affordable for-sale housing throughout Southern California.

In 1999, Webb and other members of AHA’s board formed Project Access, Inc., a nonprofit whose mission is to provide on-site education and other social services to low-income residents of affordable rental communities. Webb continues to serve as Board Chair. Project Access’s services include school readiness, after-school programs, ESL, computer literacy, and additional programming.

Webb received United Way’s 2007 Dan Donahue Award for his support of children and youth of Orange County. He was a recipient of the Bank of America’s â“Local Heroâ” award in 2011 and an honored participant in the Orange County Community Foundation’s â“On Purposeâ” project celebrating non-profit leaders.

Through a 2014 collaborative pilot program with Grand Central Art Center, Webb became one of the founders and Chairman of the Board of the new non-profit Community Engagement, which engages creative-in-residence with residents of affordable housing communities throughout the western United States.

He currently serves on the advisory board of the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

Mr. Webb is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Golden Gate University School of Law.