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Richard Espinachio

Richard Espinachio, a native of Orange County, began his journey in the art world in the mid-80s when he and his partner, Eric Smissen search for a location to create their own artwork and live-in studio. Born from that search was the creation of the Cage Chameleon Art Gallery in Santa Ana.

Realizing a need for venues to exhibit artwork, the partners set out to create a gallery for up-and-coming artists, working artist looking to share their visual dialogue and story.  So great was the need in Orange County at the time that the Gallery expanded quickly, along with their knowledge and experience, creating memorable exhibitions month after month, year after year.

In addition to the visual arts, Richard dabbled in the culinary arts as well and found his true medium. After closing the Cage Chameleon, he has continued to hone his craft and artistry, becoming a part of the community in the downtown Artist village.

Though his current position as Director of the Downtown Santa Ana Farmers’ Market, he strives to partner with musicians, visual, and spoken dialogue artists to expand with the market experience. By creating collaborations with the community and partners, he hopes to continue to be an integral part of the creative experience.