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Trees: Dave Creek – August 1 through October 11, 2015 @ Grand Central Art Center

August 1 from 7-10PM

Dave Creek, Trees (detail).
Dave Creek, Trees (detail).

In the artist’s own words:

I don’t know why I look at trees so much; it’s dangerous when I drive.

Every time I look at a tree I try to find the perfect available real estate within its body that could fit a structure – an area within the tree that would not only compliment the tree’s energy, but also create an imaginative space for me – a tearoom for imagination.   In this sense, I think of trees as partners to harmonize natural design.

10 years ago, after college, I was unable to afford meat, let alone buy property to build a tree house. With this limitation, I started my first version of my works at a scale that I could afford – a very small one, in a very small tree. Nine years later, my first tree house was finished.

Dave Creek received his degree in Character Animation from the California Institute of the Arts.