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Tim Youd: “Performing” A Scanner Darkly – Throughout November 2013

Grand Central Arts Center and Coagula Curatorial Presents:
Artist Tim Youd’s Upcoming Performance Exhibition
of Phillip K. Dick’s Literary Cult Classic
A Scanner Darkly

Tim Youd Scanner Darkly

Fresh off his back-to-back, critically-acclaimed typing performance exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Indianapolis artist Tim Youd continues his momentum staring on Saturday, November 2nd and throughout the month, at Grand Central Arts Center in Santa Ana with a performance of Phillip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly.

Dubbed “regional conceptualism,” Youd performs his work in carefully chosen locales that are geographically related to either the author’s life or the plot of the novel. Utilizing the same make and model typewriter used by each author in its original creation, Youd types the novel on a single page, running it through the machine over and over. With each exhibition, Youd also constructs a tangible visual companion piece to marry with every performance, consisting of his sculpted typewriter “portraits,â” as well as a self-portrait of himself reading the performed works.

In the heart of downtown Santa Ana, at Grand Central Arts Center, artist Tim Youd will retype the entirety of A Scanner Darkly on a single page. The intention for this location is that the author Philip K. Dick lived the latter part of his life, and died, in Orange County. This late period includes some of his most highly acclaimed work. One of these classics is A Scanner Darkly, a semi-autobiographical novel of drug use and paranoia set in a dystopian Orange County of the then near future (he wrote the novel in 1977, setting it in the mid 1990s). Youd will use an Olympia SG-3, the same make/model typewriter that Dick himself used.

GCAC would like to thank Mat Gleason and Alanna Navitski for helping to make this project a reality.