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Sacrifice – 2nd Audio Clip from GCAC Artist in Residence Vincent Goudreau

mother with river
*Vincent Goudreau is current Artist in Residence at Grand Central Art Center, arriving in October and here until December.

Recordings of an Immigrant is a multi-disciplinary project compiled from a collection of audio recorded memoirs, a book, video, limited edition prints and a future website. It is the result of a seven-year friendship between Vincent Goudreau and his property owner’s landscaper, Juan Aquino, who arrived to the US in the trunk of a car, delivered by coyotaje to a drop-house in Fullerton, CA.


After making his way through Mexico from Guatemala, young Juan finds himself in Tijuana about to cross another boarder.

The following is an audio excerpt from Chapter 2, titled Mexico:


Additional posted audio:

Revenge, from Chapter 5, part 2, titled Family:

Legal, Chapter 3, titled South Central:

Read more about Vincent Goudreau’s project online at: