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RELAX BLUE – By Cay Castagnetto, with Alan Poma and David Cavazos

Cay Castagnetto,
with Alan Poma and David Cavazos
September 1, 2018
Arrive by 7.30pm. Doors close promptly at 7.45pm

car facing upward
(Toyota Tercel. Los Angeles, 2018)

A performance in association with the exhibition  Kim Zumpfe: outside the length of a room | OR | diving into the blue sun

Taking its title from the photographic series by the artist Josephine Pryde, this performance and installation explore the psychological impact of living life and its abstraction.     In an environment where persons appear to be the sums of the images they project, self becomes a sweater that reads; “I think you know who I am “.     The materials collected here are no longer evidence of inventions but rather an ever-changing combination on these uncertain grounds.

Cay Castagnetto presently lives and works in the Los Angeles area.

David Cavazos is an acid casualty at heart who fancies the third person, he believes the autobiography is biodegradable. David is one of the many, faceless, saucy upstarts who have flocked to California to soak up the radiation and cash in on the dying dream.

Alan Poma is a multidisciplinary sound artist, whose work has focused on creating site-specific projects and spectacles.

Thank you to MPA and Corazon del Sol