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Michael Nannery: The Fountain

Michael Nannery:  The Fountain
July  1, 2017 – May 5th, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION:  July 1st from 7-10pm



The Fountain  seeks to provide a contemplative and refreshing space inside Grand Central Art Center, while offering an invitation to those outside.   The aquatic garden fills the space with green life, fresh air, and a continual offering of herbs.   This fixture serves as a platform for diverse art forms, education, and communication; including performance, demonstrations, workshops, and as a space for meeting and meditation.

In addition to harboring plants, fish, and other life forms, the garden serves as an incubator for the ideas of artists and makers, who will contribute to the growth and utility of this regenerative space.
The installation will develop over the course of the exhibition.




Michael Nannery received his BFA in Printmaking in 2011 from Herron School of Art & Design in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he was acknowledged with the  Menz Award.   In 2014 he received his MFA in Printmaking from California  State University – Long Beach.   Michael seeks to share his ideas in a range of media, and is interested in expanding perspectives on art and how we may benefit from understanding such viewpoints.   In addition to  art making, Michael is active in organizing events, exhibitions, and other curatorial pursuits.   His spare time is devoted to caring for living systems, including plant cultivation, composting, fish keeping, and in learning organic production methods.   Michael lives and works in Long Beach, California.