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Lucio Muniain: Are You Skeptical?

Lucio Muniain:  Are You Skeptical?
June 3  –  August 13, 2017
OPENING RECEPTION:  June 3rd from 7-10pm


Through television, the Internet, printed press and phones, we are being constantly bombarded with images. Many of the images we encounter are of the violence that seems to be rampant within societies around the globe. The pictures we often encounter are those that result from the violence of war; police brutality; the hatred and abuse against immigrants, refugees, LQBTQ communities and people of color; domestic violence; gang and narcotrafficking warfare; and other horrifying incidents that occur each day.


Mexico City based artist Lucio Muniain’s work depicts gruesome realities ripped from everyday press, redelivered by the artist in a loose style of hand drawn figures and objects, accompanied by text phrases – street language, slang, cynical observations the artists creates. He draws from these images, violent and tragic events he too witnesses in the world around him, the events that appear beyond our ability to affect. The drawings begin the reveal of our own growingly desensitized response to such imagery, the unspeakable violence and atrocities that surrounds our everyday, leaving us nearly powerless. This is the reality of life in the artist’s hometown, and cities around the world.

Art is a medium that can describe, or allow us to escape, actual violence that surrounds us. We can use it to distinguish between fact and fiction, attempting to lessen the blows of reality. But when those realities are playing out daily around us, we must work to face them head on and begin to better examine their root cause, look for possible solutions, and begin a civil discourse to promote positive change.

The drawings and paintings of Muniain allow for this reflection, a mirror held to the eyes to question our own role in society, as participant and/or observer. His works lures us like a visual siren song with desire, color and imagery, than challenge us with repulsion, humor and disgust.His work reminds us what it means to be human, with our abilities of empathy, expectation, desire, unpredictability, hope and knowledge of the fragility of life.


Lucio Muniain studied architecture and urbanism at the Universidad Iberoamericana and at Parsons School of Design in New York, and holds a Masters Degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana. Muniain has an independent architecture practice since 1998. Among his most important works and projects are the Corporativo Autofin (Corporate office building of 40,000 M2), Bahí­­a Balandra Project in La Paz, South Baja California, Mexico (Master plan for a 20,000 inhabitant city on its first phase, with Rick Joy, Mathias Klotz, Rem Koolhaas and Nieto & Sobejano among others), Third place in the national competition for the Republic’s Senate Corporate Headquarters and the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) First Place, International Competition by invitation (in collaboration with PRODUCTORA). He is a self-taught painter and was represented by Nina Menocal Gallery in Mexico City and has had solo and collective exhibitions in national and international galleries and museums.