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Yes, This Did Happen Last Night with Saskia Jorda @ Grand Central Art Center

As we mentioned in a previous post, the energy surrounding Grand Central Art Center is incredible and the official Opening Reception doesn’t even happen until tomorrow night, Saturday, September 1 from 7-10pm.

But last night, if you were any where near the GCAC 2nd Street promenade, you might have seen the action.  Yes, six wonderful young ladies, dressed in full quinceaí­±era attire, posing with our winter/spring 2013 artist in residence Saskia Jorda.  Saskia is here this weekend for a first sight visit of our community.  Through the support of  Quinceaí­±era Magazine  and CSUF’s Titan Magazine, a full photo shoot took place in preparation of Jorda’s project in development.   Grand Central Art Center would like to thank the teams of both magazines for their generosity, dedication to the project and joyous spirits last evening.  We would like to especially thank the young ladies and their families for their time, energy and professionalism – truly remarkable, intelligent and community focused individuals.

If you weren’t there, we thought you might enjoy a few images from the evening:

Saskia jordí­¡n Quinceaí­±eras

Saskia jordí­¡n Quinceaí­±eras

Here are a few early details regarding the upcoming project:

Saskia Jorda
late-January through late-April 2013
Quinceaí­±eras  is a residency exploring bodies in state of transition, from childhood into womanhood, based upon the artist’s own experience and memories of becoming a quinceaí­±eras in Venezuela (one of the artist’s last significant experiences before migrating to the U.S). The artist plans to collaborate with 29 quinceaí­±eras/wedding shops located in Downtown Santa Ana,  Quinceaí­±era Magazine, a downtown non-profit health care provider and individuals of the community – which will include girls and their families as they prepare for quinceaí­±eras. Working together, they will examine the traditions behind rite of passage, family values and body image as perceived by these teenagers.

Saskia Jorda will be in attendance this Saturday at GCAC’s  Season Opening Reception, we’d love to introduce you to her!