With a focus on artists working in socially-engaged practices, Grand Central Art Center residencies are centered on discovery, creative process, and relationships through an open collaborative and immersed approach. Residencies support the creation of projects through a philosophy of listening, assisting and connecting. GCAC allows the artist as much freedom as possible, leaving open the potential for multi-visits, multi-site interactions, and partnerships.
The duration of residencies are not limited, instead determined on project-by-project bases, with ongoing conversations throughout a residency. GCAC residencies to date have lasted from three-weeks to over four years. Residencies are not required to occur on-site, but provide the openness and opportunity for projects to be realized at off-site locations throughout the direct community, region and beyond. Generous support for the GCAC residency program provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.










Eugenie Goldschmeding
Bale Creek Allen
Alessandro Fornaci
Frank Martinangeli
Cathy Ward and Eric Wright
Claire Gavronsky and Rosemarie Shakinovsky
Tania Mouraund
Rico Eastman and Chrissie Orr
Alan Sondheim
Greg Drasler
Manuel Pardo
Kit Kube
Rosemary Feit Covey
Joe Diebes
Paul Laffoley
William T. Wiley and Mary Hull Webster
Emil Hrvatin
Franklin Rosero
Robert Pettena
Charles Krafft
Camille Utterback and Adam Chapman
Liza Phillips
Vedett Franco Angeloni
Anaida Hernández
James Rouvelle
Elizabeth Turk
Kirara Kawachi
Bill Burns
Deborah Ascheim
Federico D’Orazio
Freeman Lau