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Kirsten Sollek in Vireo episode 5, The Cow
(Kirsten Sollek in  Vireo  episode 5,  The Cow)
We continue to make outstanding progress on our GCAC artist-in-residence project with Lisa Bielawa, the broadcast serial opera Vireo, in collaboration with KCET ArtBound.  We filmed episode 5 in January and it is in the edit process now.  Episodes 3 & 4 were filmed last fall and are now in final color correction. Rehearsals and staging for episodes 6, 7 and 8 have been taking place, with more scheduled for later this month at GCAC.  The next episodes are scheduled to be filmed here in Southern California featuring the Partch instruments in San Francisco,  where we  have permission and are working out the details to film an upcoming episode on Alcatraz Island;  and in New York.  In total, there will be 12- episodes of the opera series.  In spring 2017,  KCET will release the entire season of Vireo all at once for free, on-demand streaming, which is a first for the network.

The residency and project are supported by a grant from  The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts    and generous support from  Jeff Van Harte (CSUF ’80), Black Family Trust, Alexandra Shabtai, Fainbarg-Chase Families, William Gillespie Foundation, The Sorel Organization, Joyce Osborn and in-kind support from KCET.

We continue to seek funding support for the upcoming episodes, so if you or those you know might be interested, we would love to connect.

And KCET  recently updated the Vireo project website, so please share it with those you know and through your social media!