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THE S.N.A. PROJECT with Cogâ•nate Collective (Amy Sanchez + Misael Diaz) @ GCAC

SNA Project
THE S.N.A. PROJECT  invites local high school and college students to work with contemporary artists to design an artistic intervention in Downtown Santa Ana.


During the first workshop sessions, students will work with  Amy Sanchez + Misael Diaz of Cog•nate Collective  to explore the history and current social + cultural landscape of Downtown Santa Ana in bi-weekly meetings to be held at Grand Central Art Center.


Students will then present their research to visiting contemporary artists during walking tours of the area. These walks will culminate in conversations and brainstorming sessions between artists and students about the challenges/possibilities/approaches to developing an in-site public intervention.


For the rest of the program, students will work collaboratively to design an intervention (or series of small interventions) reflecting on an issue or condition in Downtown Santa Ana they encountered during their research and walks with artists.


The workshop series will culminate in an artistic intervention in Downtown Santa Ana. The medium and topic of the intervention will be determind by students and participants, and will take place at the end of the workshop series in December. In addition to the intervention(s), there will be a concurrent or subsequent exhibition and presentation, featuring research and documentation generated through the project, at CSUF Grand Central Art Center.


Friday September 12. 4:00pm. Grand Central Art Center, Downtown Santa Ana – 125 N. Broadway with main entrance on 2nd Street plaza at the  fountain.