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Swampland: Jennie Cotterill – August 1, 2015 through February 7, 2016 @ Grand Central Art Center

August 1 from 7-10PM
Curated by Jennifer Minasian, CSUF Exhibition and Design MFA

Jennie Cotterill wetlands

The Project Wall is a new initiative of Grand Central Art Center, inviting artists to create large-scale projects for six-month exhibitions. As  the first for  this series, we have invited artist Jennie Cotterill to take over the space, where she will be  creating her new work Swampland.

In the artist’s own words:

A vibrant wetland in a parallel universe, Swampland is homage to the fertile creative ecosystem provided by GCAC for Orange County. Visitors can enter a larger-than-life primordial landscape where cryptobotany and impossible biodiversity flourish.

Jennie Cotterill is an artist, musician, and curator based in Huntington Beach, California. She received her MFA and BFA in Illustration from California State University Long Beach. Her practice employs a variety of media and focuses on themes of personal identity, and misinterpreted scientific theory. She has painted murals for HURLEY and with students at public schools throughout Orange County.