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Roksana Pirouzmand: they last forever

two women laying on floor with long hair that runs through hole in wall attached to another woman's hair



September 4 – December 5, 2021

Opening Reception: Sat. Sept. 4 from 7-10PM

Roksana Pirouzmand’s they last forever series are a psychological extension of sketches for performance ideas. The works are slabs of clay painted upon with additional clay, allowing the artist to cut through and puncture the slabs to create actual holes in depicted spaces.

The spaces are confined, some domestic, others hygienic and clinical, just like prisons, mental institutions, or galleries. These spaces can also be metaphors for interrelations between people and countries. As the artist states, “These bodies can be me, and they can be you, sacrificed or saviors, praying or being praised. They can be burdensome but can also carry someone’s weight. They may have surrendered, or they might be confronting, morphing into another body. Some are self-reflecting, looking into the void, or maybe just nauseous. They are all grieving.”

These tablets represent a record of the artist’s current headspace during the turbulent times we are all living.


Roksana Pirouzmand (b. 1990 Yazd, Iran) lives and works in Los Angeles. She is a current MFA candidate at University of California, Los Angeles and received her BFA in Arts from California Institute of the Arts in 2017. Prior to moving to the United States she was a part of the performance group called /a:t/BrE based in Tehran.  

Some of her selected shows in Iran and the United States include: Redcat, Los Angeles (2020), The Box, Los Angeles (2019), Human Resources, Los Angeles (2018), Mohsen Gallery, Tehran (2011).