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Phase 5 – Lucas Murgida: None of This is Real

Artist teaching person to weld
Lucas Murgida: None of This is Real | July 7 2018 – Ongoing
Artist teaching a man how to break out from zip ties while a young woman watches the performance.

Lucas Murgida: None of This is Real, Phase #5

Sat., May 4, 2019 from 7-10pm

For the fifth and final phase of his ongoing exploration, Murgida will be teaching participants how to free their wrists when bound with standard zip-ties. Instead of attempting to cut or break the zip-ties, participants will learn a different technique that focus’ on â“shimmingâ” the sliding mechanism that secures the restraints in a tightened position. Last October, independent curator currently based out of Santa Ana, Maurizzio Hector Pineda, invited Murgida to participate in the show he curated in Tijuana, MX for a city-wide festival called “Happenings”. During the 5 hour event, with the help of an interpreter, Murgida taught participants this same zip-tie escape technique. As always, the event for the May Artwalk is free and open to participants of all ages and abilities.