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Michael Nannery: CASTINGS event on Oct 7th

Michael Nannery
October 7, 7-10pm

Excess clays from ceramic art processes are combined and reconstituted, then cast into tray forms using a press-mold technique.   The stackable tray components house colonies of red wiggler earthworms–a champion decomposer.   As the worms consume various organic materials, they produce worm castings, which is essentially a manure.   Worm castings contain a broad spectrum of nutrients, and are further enriched by the beneficial gut bacteria of the worms, which help restructure soil and facilitate the uptake of nutrients by plants within systems of organic production.

The tower design allows worms to travel freely in a vertical fashion.   Organic matter is added to the top tray, and when filled, an empty tray is stacked upon it.   Lower trays contain finished worm castings that are ready to be harvested, which may be immediately incorporated into an organic system, or stored for later use.

We must be invested in methods of dealing with our waste stream.   For how far we have come as a species, we have learned little about cleaning up after ourselves.   While exercising sustainable practices, this project seeks to identify composting as a subject worthy of our time and efforts.

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