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Marie Tagudena:  Can You see Me Through These Walls

white fabric, white string, and white wood rectangles attached to white gallery wall

December 2, 2023 – March 10, 2024

In Can You see Me Through These Walls?, Marie Tagudena extends the profound interpretation of Angel King’s installation currently in our GCAC project gallery, delving into the expansive realms of connection and the intricate interwovenness of time, memory, space, and the frequential aspects of life. In this mesmeizing exploration, Tagudena skillfully navigates the ethereal territories encapsulated within the pockets of void and transports viewers into a realm where the intangible becomes tangible and the walls that separate us dissolve into the sheer energy of shared existence.


Marie Tagudena is a mixed-media artist born in Pasadena, California. Her artistic exploration delves into the profound connection between humans, navigating a realm beyond the tangible. She probes celestial realms, exploring an astral plane where energy, sensations, and symbols intertwine. Embracing the unknown, her work contemplates the relative nature of existence, weaving together past lives, reincarnation, and soul connections. Tagudena received her BA in Art and Art History from UCLA in 2022. She is currently a Fall 2023 Artist in Residence at Slanguage, based in Wilmington, California. Her work has been exhibited at the New Wight Gallery at UCLA, ArtExchange Gallery, Rainbow Gallery, Bungalow Gallery, Long Beach Museum of Art (all based in Long Beach, California), Bergamont Station Arts Center (Culver City, California), OMC Gallery (Huntington Beach, California), and ROOT Studios (Brooklyn, New York).