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Informative Program This Morning @ GCAC!

Grand Central Art Center was pleased to host this mornings event for Exhibit Envoy, organized through the efforts of their board member Jan McKay and in-kind support of Arts Orange County‘s Richard Stein. If you are not familiar with Exhibit Envoy you should be, as they are a non-profit organization that offers a variety of art, history and culture, and natural history traveling exhibits to institutions throughout California.

The morning started at The Gypsy Den, our collaborative tenant located in the Grand Central Art Center building. Arts professionals from Orange County cultural institutions, including two individuals who also happen to be students of Cal State University Fullerton‘s Exhibition and Design program, met and shared wonderful conversations over breakfast, talking about current and upcoming programs.

We then moved the gathering to the Grand Central Art Center Main Gallery, where Exhibit Envoy‘s Executive Director, Adrienne McGraw, shared information about the non-profits current activities, shows that are available and projects in development. At the conclusion of the presentation, there was a question and answer session in which many wonderful institutional exchanges occurred, ideas regarding marketing, development and collaborative efforts.

We at Grand Central Art Center are excited and honored to be hosting such events that benefit our many communities, bring our colleagues together, work to develop mutually beneficial outcomes and better serve all involved.

Thank You to Jan, Adrienne, Richard, The Gypsy Den, all those who attended, and the GCAC Team for making this mornings event a success!