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GCAC Welcomes Artists in Residence Matthew Moore and Braden King

Matthew Moore and Braden King
Now on First Site Visit @ GCAC

matt and braden(Braden King and Matthew Moore)

Matthew Moore and Braden King: LA Aqueduct Project
Residency/Exhibition with support of the Metabolic Studio

Residency: multiple site visits August 2013 – January 2014
Exhibition: October 5, 2013 – January 5, 2014

The journey of water is not a foreign concept to artist Matthew Moore; it is actually central to generations of his family’s lively hood.    For without the control of water, it would have been impossible for Moore to become the fourth generation of farmers in his family, sowing land in what would otherwise be considered hostile desert environment of western Phoenix, Arizona.

Through his artistic practice, Moore has found his artistic voice, while at the same time coming to a realization –the actions of taking raw desert/native land, converting it into fertile farming land by diverting water, and creating infrastructures, actually provides the perfect environment for suburban sprawl to occur.    He also realized that his practice of farming this land might actually exploit more natural resources than the subdivisions he was so quick to criticize.

Grand Central Art Center has invited artist Matthew Moore to reflect on his past works and examine their relationships and similarities to the impact of the LA Aqueduct, as Southern California marks that Aqueduct’s 100th  anniversary on November 5, 2013.    Moore has invited artist/filmmaker Braden King to collaborate directly on the project.  Their residency will be approached in a very open model fashion, empowering the artists to invite other individuals (artists, writers, researchers, scientists, activists) they may identify, to join them during their residency.

Major funding support for this project provided by the Metabolic Studio.

More information on the artists can be found through the following links:

Matthew Moore – Artist/Farmer

Braden King – Artist/Filmmaker