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Davy Sumner: Tines

Davy Sumner:  TINES

June 3  –  August 13, 2017


Based on an 1859 experiment by German Scientist Franz Melde,  TINES  are tuning forks that are vibrated by precisely directed magnetic fields. Pulsing a strong electromagnet at the resonant frequency of a tuning fork causes it to start oscillating (and producing sound). The deer-like sculptures act as resonators to increase the audibility of the tuning forks, amplifying their otherwise faint tones into raw materials for a digitally constructed audio composition.


Davy Sumner is a sound artist, composer, and percussionist residing in Los Angeles, CA. His work favors the use of multichannel audio, feedback-based systems, algorithms, and custom electronics.

Special thanks to Chris Wormald for design, fabrication and installation assistance.