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Chris Kallmyer: Sundown Shelter

Individual wearing a traditional Slavic garment.
Chris Kallmyer: Sundown Shelter | October 5, 2019-December 7, 2019

An individual wearing a traditional Slavic colorful garment.

Sundown Shelter

Chris Kallmyer

October 5, 2019—Ongoing

Sundown Shelter explores the idea of the west and the movement of the sun westward through a new performance installation created for the Grand Central Art Center. The evolving work will begin with an immersive performance by Chris Kallmyer and musician collaborators, as well a new video piece featuring first hand documentation of Slavic pagan performers and a Western that was organized by the artist to take place in Stalinist plaza in Warsaw, Poland in 2018.

As current Grand Central Art Center artist-in-residence, Kallmyer takes over the storefront gallery as a location of research and the development of new ideas.  It is a space for open speculation through GCAC’s philosophy of listening, assisting and connecting, with the institution providing the artist as much freedom as possible, with no expectations required in terms of concrete outcome.


Chris Kallmyer is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work focuses on sound and space. His unconventional musical works use everyday objects and other senses, such as taste and touch, to engage the observer in questions about the physical environment and our presence within it. Kallmyer puts pressure on the traditional audience-performer relationship, and his work frequently takes place in nontraditional performance spaces such as closets, igloos, museums, or mountaintops. In recent years, Kallmyer has garnered commissions from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Walker Art Center, Pulitzer Arts Foundation, San Francisco Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the City of Los Angeles among other spaces in America and Europe.