Artist-in-Residence @ Grand Central Art Center

As we kick-off 2016, we wanted to provide an update on our artists-in-residence scheduled to be joining us in the coming months.

These artists will be deeply active in our communities, at the individual, group, and broader public levels in the research, development and realization of community-engaged projects.

Focused on artists working in community-engaged practices, GCAC residencies are centered on discovery, creative process, and relationships through an open collaborative and immersed approach.  Residencies support the creation of projects through a philosophy of listening, assisting, and connecting.  GCAC allows the artist as much freedom as possible, leaving open the potential for multi-visits, multi-site interactions, and partnerships.

The duration of residencies is determined on a project-by-project bases, with ongoing conversations throughout a residency.  GCAC residencies to date have lasted from three-weeks to over four years, many with multiple site visits over time.  Residencies are not required to occur on-site, but provide the openness and opportunity for projects to be realized at offsite locations throughout the direct community, region, and beyond.

Generous funding and in-kind support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, KCET Artbound, Living Resources, Community Engagement, Jeff Van Harte, Alexandra Shabtai, The Sorel Organization, Joyce Osborn, William Gillespie Foundation, Feinbarg-Chase Families, and many others, help make it possible for GCAC to continue its forward vision for the Artist-in-Residence initiative.

Here are the individuals who are currently in residence or will soon be joining us at Grand Central Art Center:

 Caroline Woolard (January)
– first site visit in research/development of a new project.


Sara Guerrero / Breath of Fire Latina Theatre Ensemble (January – ongoing)
GCAC will be providing an on-site residency toward the efforts to create, develop, and sustain a writers’ community in Orange County through Guerrero’s playwriting workshops.  The residency will work to build new relationships with organizations that promote the arts in Orange County.


Paul Ramirez Jonas (February, March, April  2016)
Public Trust is a series of interactive performances about promises. At one end of the spectrum we tell each other lies, outright deceptions, and at the other end we tell each other facts, true regardless of our intentions – everything in the middle is a sort of promise we make between each other. This version of Public Trust asks the public to vouch for their promises from a vast array of collaterals: taking oaths over sacred or civic texts, swearing over holy objects or materials, calling on a witness, offering a credit report as proof of one’s trustworthiness, etc. The performances at Grand Central Art Center will be dynamic, engaging, and festive. Each interaction will provide an opportunity for the artist to learn and adapt from the public’s response. As willing participants utter their promises, and then “give their word” in whatever way they see fit, their promises will go up on a display board (anonymously) for all to read. The board will also display other promissory statements culled from that day’s news – political promises, the weather report, scientific predictions, and economic forecasts.  The work will be activated by the artist during the first Saturday Art Walks from 7-10pm on February 6, March 5 and April 2.


Astria Suparak (January – March 2016)
– curator/artist/writer in residence, will be connecting with artists and community in research/development of new projects.


Postcommodity – Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez, Kade Twist (February)
– first site visit in research/development of a new project.


Sarah Rafael García (March 2016 – March 2017)
– in development of Santana’s Fairy Talesan oral history, storytelling project that integrates community-based interviews to create contemporary fairytales and fables that represent the history and stories of Mexican/Mexican-American residents of Santa Ana (inspired by the Grimms’ Fairy Tales). The project will result in a publication and exhibition that will present a mixed media installation curated in collaboration with local visual, musical, and performance artists.


Vincent Goudreau (Spring 2016)
– in continued development of his project Recordings of an Immigrant.  In collaboration with Juan Aquino, the project will be presented as a non-fiction narrative, inspiring a multidisciplinary project including a bookmonoprints, video and full art installation from transcribed audio recordings. The project is a survival story of one man’s journey, struggles, and attempts at revenge, as he escapes from the genocide of Guatemala.  The exhibition will open to the public May 7 and run through July 10, 2016. and Recordings of an Immigrant


Maya Gurantz (ongoing)
– in research/development of a new project.


Lisa Bielawa (ongoing)
– in continued development of the broadcast opera Vireo, in collaboration with KCET Artbound.  Vireo is an episodic opera that considers the nature and uses of female hysteria through time, as witch-hunters, early psychiatrists, and modern artists variously define the condition – a freely-adapted and re-imagined composite history based on composer/artist Lisa Bielawa’s undergraduate research at Yale, in collabration with Librettist Erik Ehn and Director Charlie Otte.  The project has involved numerous participants from the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), including our Vireo lead 17-year old Rowen Sabala and role of the Mother Maria Lazarova, who is the Director of OCSA Classical Voice Conservatory. Early episodes have included Kronos Quartet, Laurie Rubin, Bridget Kibbey, Matthias Bossi, Ryan Glover, Gregory Purnhagen, San Francisco Girls Chorus, Joshua Roman, Vijay Gupta and more… and KCET Vireo Project:


Cog-nate Collective – Amy Sanchez and Misael Diaz (ongoing)
– continued realization of numerous projects, including Manos Unidas Creando Artein collaboration with a group of local women, working to give life to new social opportunities + cultural + economic in the community of Santa Ana, through the production of crafts with recycled materials.



Grand Central Art Center has partnered with Community Engagement to invite community-driven artists-in-residence to realize collaborative projects with affordable housing communities.

Community Engagement is a newly incorporated nonprofit that utilizes Creatives-in-Residence to serve as catalysts in bringing about positive change in low-income communities in collaboration with the individuals, families and seniors who live there.  More information on Community Engagement at:

Artists-in-residence include:


Rebecca Chernow (February – ongoing)
– realization of the Sullivan Manor Community Engagement project. Through a partnership with the non-profit organization Community Engagement, the artist will be engaging the 162 residents of the 54-unit affordable housing complex of Sullivan Manor Apartments in Santa Ana through the development of community artistic actions.


Trinh Mai (February – ongoing)
– realization of the Henninger Village Community Engagement project. Through a partnership with the non-profit organization Community Engagement, the artist will be engaging the 73 residents of the 58-unit senior 55+ affordable housing complex of Henninger Village Apartments in Santa Ana through the development of community artistic actions.


Galdino “Dino” Perez (February – ongoing)
– realization of the Triada Village Community Engagement project. Through a partnership with the non-profit organization Community Engagement, the artist will be engaging the 467 residents of the 114-unit affordable housing complex of Triada Village in Santa Ana through the development of community artistic actions.


Erin Sotak (ongoing – onsite in Phoenix)
– continued realization of the Whispering Pines Community Engagement project.  Through a partnership with Living Resources, the artists are engaging the residents of the 325-unit affordable housing complex of Whispering Pines Apartments in Phoenix through the development of community actions.


Angelica Gomez and Joseph Linnert (ongoing)
– continued realization of the Warwick Square Community Garden project.  Through a partnership with Living Resources, the artists are engaging the residents of the 500-unit affordable housing complex of Warwick Square Apartments in Santa Ana through the development of sustainable community gardens with artistic workshops and actions.



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