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Angel Grace King: Bed Sentence

tan color bed sheet fabric with stains

December 2, 2023 – March 10, 2024
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 2 from 7-10PM

In Bed Sentence, the confluence of the corporeal violence embedded in a stained bedsheet juxtaposed with the historical context of domestic labor, specifically the artistry of sewing. This layering is further accentuated by the inclusion of a gendered material, exemplified by the delicate intricacies of lace. The intertwining threads assume a metaphorical semblance to a spiderweb, trapping in it not only the video projection but also implicating the observer in a complex web of socio-cultural narratives. The transformation of mundane objects such as toys and furniture explores the complexities of trauma through body and memory.

Attraction/repulsion, safety/danger, hard/soft, outside / inside, these examples are often seen as opposites, but they are interconnected, opposing forces interwoven through time, space, and experience. Objects that are seemingly different become melded together. The lines between opposition become blurred through personal experience, colliding within each piece, making for a complex interaction for the viewer. The domestic space is interpreted through personal interaction with the environment, objects, people, and actions. The psychological space is then materialized through manipulation and process. Processes of transformation such as tying, pouring, burning, melting, and sewing become repeated until the process becomes obsessive, labor intensive, meditative, and ritualistic. The artist’s relationship with her past and present domestic space is explored through a process-based and material-obsessed approach. Transformed daily objects are pushed into the uncanny, creating a visible affect.


Angel Grace King is a mixed-media sculpture artist living in Long Beach, California. Born in Ellijay, Georgia, a small town in the deep south, she utilizes her past relationships to analyze patriarchal systems. Angel received her BA from UCLA in 2019. In 2020, she was a Verge Artist in Residence with the AYP Ali Youssefi Project in Sacramento, California. Her work has been exhibited at UCLA, Long Beach City CollegeAngels Gate Cultural CenterVerge Center for the Arts, and Long Beach Museum of Art 


Savannah Lee, GCAC Curatorial Associate / Public Programs Coordinator

Savannah is currently pursuing a Master’s in Art History and Visual Studies at California State University Fullerton with a focus on Contemporary Art.