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A Scanner Darkly Performance Complete – Onto The Next with Tim Youd!

Throughout the month of November, here at Grand Central Arts Center, artist Tim Youd has been performing Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly, retyping the novel in its entirety on a Olympia SG-3 typewriter.

scanner complete

At 2:18pm today, the performance was complete!

This is the 16th completed retyping performance for Youd, part of his five-year project in which he plans to retyping 100 novels/stories by groundbreaking authors   – doing each performance in a location for which the author had a direct connection; typing on the same model typewriters the authors originally used for that writing; and doing so on a single sheet of paper.

He loves his Grand Central Art Center location so much, he has decided to perform a second work by Philip K. Dick, Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, beginning today.

He begins his 17th project today, but will will soon take a bit of a break in the GCAC performance to perform his 18th project in Miami during the Basel Art Fair Week.   Presented by Coagula Curatorial, Youd will perform Elmore Leonard’s crime fiction classic Get Shorty in room 218 (second floor) at the Aqua Art Fair.

Here are more details on Youd’s overall project at GCAC:

And additional information on his upcoming performance in Miami: