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Second Year Artists-in-Residence in Affordable Housing Communities Begin!

Grand Central Art Center, in partnership with newly formed non-profit Community Engagement, is excited to kick-off a second year of artists-in-residence in affordable housing communities.

non-profit Community Engagement meeting

After last year’s successful pilot program, this year we have expanded to three additional communities located in our City of Santa Ana.

The communities include:

Heninger Village†¨
gated senior 55+ affordable housing community; 58 units; 73 residents
200 South Sycamore Street; Santa Ana, CA 92701

Triada Village and Triada Court Apartments
Multi-site affordable housing community; 114 units; 467 residents
600 N. Lacy Street; Santa Ana, CA 92701

Sullivan Manor
Family affordable housing community; 54 units; 162 residents
2516 West 1st Street; Santa Ana, CA 92703

The artists selected to work in these communities are:

Dino Perez – Triada
Trinh Mai – Heninger Village
Becca Chernow – Sullivan Manor

In addition to the three new communities, we are extended our artists-in-residence from the pilot program in the communities of Warwick Square in Santa Ana and Whispering Pines in Phoenix.

Continuing artists-in-residence include:

Angelica Gomez and Joseph Linnert – Warwick Square, Family affordable housing community; 500 units; 770 residents
780 S Lyon Srteet, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Erin Sotak – Whispering Pines, Family affordable housing community; 325 units; 661 residents
2601 North 36th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008

non-profit Community Engagement meeting

This year’s program has also expanded to include additional support for the artists-in-residence through a series of organized professional development workshops. The first series of workshops took place on February 29th. The day provide an opportunity for early project reports, sharing of first connections, and hearing about recent activities from the continuing residence.

The artists-in-residence were provided two workshops and opportunities to ask indepth questions of the experts in attendance, which included:

CPA Richard Suarez –providing tax information for independent contractors.
Rigo Rodriguez Ph.D – providing knowledge on community building techniques.

Also in attendance at the workshops were GCAC team members John D. Spiak and Tracey Gayer, and members of Community Engagement, including Jessica Preboski, Executive Director and Board Member Lane Macy Kiefaber.

We are truly excited and honored to have such a talented group of individuals as artists-in-residence. GCAC is looking forward to seeing positive developments take place as the artists begin to engage their communities, as well to see cross-pollination occur as the artists and communities began to explore mutually beneficial possibilities.

Keep an eye on the GCAC blog for updates as projects develop!