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Cultivating Conviction – Workshop with Tyler Matthew Oyer

Artist Kenyatta Hinkle and Tyer Oyer performing in full white outfits tied to each other with role around their necks


October 1st from 4-5pm
Workshop with Tyler Matthew Oyer

Cultivating Conviction at Grand Central Art Center will consist of a series of exercises seeking to activate the body, engage the voice, and focus the mind. Individual and collective performance material will be generated through conversation, dancing, vocalizing, meditating and writing.
The objectives are to stimulate the individual body and to communally exchange our desires.



from 5-6pm
Workshop with Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle

If We Must Die: Conversations about Grieving, Social Justice, Healing and Creating at Grand Central Art Center is an opportunity to come together to talk about issues of the historical present. The title “If We Must Die” is inspired by Claude McKay’s poem of the same title written in 1919. In the summer of 2015 after the death of Sandra Bland and the Charleston Massacre Hinkle called together artists and friends to unpack, heal and grieve. In 2016 Hinkle has an urgent need to hold these conversations again within the context of the exhibition and performance Exploring The Nowannago: Kentifrican Modes of Resistance. Hinkle wants to know how we are all collectively and individually processing current tragic events related to police brutality, hate crimes and global issues concerning injustice. How is it informing our daily work and living practices, and what are some strategies and plans that we can share for moving forward through these challenging times.

Hinkle would love if everyone could bring to the gathering:

– An open mind and full participation in the discussion. (no spectators please!)
– A dish or something to munch on. There will be free Kentifrican food that Hinkle will make but the more goodies the merrier!
– A quote, an article, a book, a tweet, a photograph a gesture or whatever you are trying to digest right now. Please keep sound clips or videos to a 2-3 minute minimum

The workshop will focus on shared tactics, recipes for self-care and bringing awareness on a local and global scale for this moment in time.