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Thomas Kinkade
Heaven on Earth
April 3 - June 20, 2004

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Thomas Kinkade, known as the "Painter of Light," has become one of the most avidly collected, financially successful and controversial painters in history. His paintings are embraced by thousands of faithful collectors and criticized by others for there idyllic scenes which romanticize and illuminate a fantasy life on earth.

Thomas Kinkade in association with Lightpost Publishing and Media Arts Group, Inc. have published limited editions of his work and created a lifestyle brand of Kinkade collectables and products. The Thomas Kinkade Foundation has been a founding force behind the Thomas Kinkade Museum and Cultural Center and various educational charities for children including the Thomas Kinkade Art For Children's Charities. He's been the recipient of humanitarian awards and winner of the National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (annually for more than seven years). He is included in the Bradford Hall of Fame for plate artists and the California Tourism Hall of Fame and has been honored as Commander and Chief from the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The GCAC Gallery, which is approximately 1,800 sq. feet; will feature original paintings, reproductions, limited edition plates, and didactic panels. The space will be painted in tasteful two-tone colors like an old-fashioned, elegant museum (akin to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore). The GCAC Gallery will also feature display cases stocked with a range of the artist's products such as tapestries, night-lights, and other gift items.

In the 800 sq. foot project room, adjacent to the Main Gallery a chapel interior will be constructed. The space will feature examples of Kinkade's celebrated Christian artwork, including originals, prints, and objects like the ceramic Kinkade Nativity Scene. The chapel will resemble a quaint little country church with a chapel facade, church pews, and stained-glass windows. For the exhibition opening, a distinguished Reverend Ethan Acres is preparing a sermon on Kinkade's religious work. The curator envisions each themed room as a clear extension of the manifold career of Thomas Kinkade. A lecture series, collector's round table discussion and other educational presentations will be scheduled throughout the run of the exhibition.

The Main Gallery at Cal State University Fullerton is also participating in this exhibition and a series of recent paintings inspired by Thomas Kinkade's international travels, limited editions, furnishings and examples of the distinctive Kinkade architecture designs will be shown in blueprints, photos and models.

As part of the exhibition a full-color 168 page catalog has been produced featuring 157 reproduction of artworks, photo documentation of the exhibition and essays written by guest curator Jeffrey Vallance, art writer Ralph Rugoff, art writer Doug Harvey, Thomas Kinkade, CSUF Main Gallery director Mike McGee, Reverend Ethan Acres and CSUF Grand Central Art Center director, Andrea Lee Harris.

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